When it comes to building legal documents like wills, contracts or leases, the tediousness of copying and pasting clauses is incredibly time-consuming. So is the frustrating task of reformatting all the document’s clauses for consistency.

Since most legal professionals work in Microsoft® Word and most document assembly software doesn’t, it’s difficult to merge the two.

But what if there was a way to assemble these documents in Microsoft® Word using data field automation and a clause library? Enter Word DA™.

Word DA™ is our solution to the issues above. It works as a set of tools that allows you to select and assign clauses to templates, use data fields for quick and accurate document creation, and easily access content from one managed source.

Law firms produce cleaner, more consistent documents with greater ease and efficiency. Save time, money, and reduce frustrations with this user-friendly software.

When Word DA™ integrates with Word LX™ Enterprise or Word LX™ Professional, its functionality is much greater. This is due to Word LX’s:

  • Template managing capabilities
  • Firm-branded styles and numbering schemes
  • The simplicity of generating a table of contents
  • The prompt tool, which allows for more flexibility when it comes to editing a lease or contract’s data fields.

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TechnoLawyer recently featured Word DA™ in their TL NewsWire, a review of hot tech products for the legal world. You can read their write-up here.

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