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Build better legal documents faster

The template management, document assembly and document formatting solution that transforms Microsoft® Word into a simpler and more efficient tool for creating legal documents.

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Work better with the software you use the most

Document creation tasks cost legal professionals a lot of time and often prevent them from focusing on higher value work. Given your staff and lawyers spend 4-6 hours per day working in Microsoft Word, there is a significant need and opportunity to make this time more efficient – Word LX makes this possible.

Improve quality

Define and implement brand guidelines and standards to improve consistency across all of your firm's documents.

Get more done faster

Speed up document creation with automated templates, assembly tools and formatting features designed specifically for legal professionals.

Service clients better

Enhance workflow efficiencies and spend more time on what matters most to your clients.

Standardize document creation and improve firm-wide efficiency

Improve productivity and quality by putting everyone in your firm on the same page with how your documents should be created and how they should look.

Template automation and management

Create a standardized and more efficient document workflow process with a collection of firm-branded automated templates.

Manage and access templates, forms and other documents from the ribbon to improve version control and generate documents faster.

Integrate contact data

Dynamically insert contact and client information through integrations with Outlook, practice management and document management systems.

Firm-wide collaboration

Enable any user to create documents for anyone in the firm, in any office, and in any language.

Legal document assembly made easy

Automate your documents easily and efficiently with specialized tools for designing templates, building clause libraries, and managing your content.

Design templates

Design, store and access customized agreements, forms, and contracts in a few clicks. Add data fields into documents to accurately insert variable content and speed document creation.

Build clause libraries

Build, manage and access content through an easy-to-use interface. Apply logic and intelligence to clauses with simple tools that don’t require programming.

Assemble documents

Quickly select and assign clauses to templates for frequently produced documents. Enable dynamic content to generate documents faster and easily access clauses from one managed source.

Faster formatting and editing

Make quick work of common tasks and get to the next item on your to-do list faster. Our specialized tools ensure you can focus more on document content and less on formatting.

Style and number documents

Create properly formatted documents easily with advanced numbering and style tools. Save time and improve consistency across your firm with customized styles, numbering schemes and other features.

Specialized editing features

Quickly insert letterhead, tables, signing lines and watermarks with ease. Add, reorder and delete appendices, exhibit stamps, schedules and much more.

Time saving tools

Reformat and turnaround documents in half the time with legal specific document tools.

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  • Template Automation
  • Document Assembly
  • Template Design
  • Contact Integration
  • Document Management
  • Numbering & Style Tools
  • Document Editing
  • Print Automation
  • Reporting & Usage Insights
  • Integrated Help
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Word LX allows us to automate and standardize our document creation processes, allowing us to deliver more efficient service to clients.

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