Infoware solutions awarded #1 and #10 hottest legal software products of 2017.

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Build Better Legal Documents Faster

Simplify Document Creation

Improve Document Quality and Accuracy

Increase Productivity and Profitability

When you improve the document creation process, you save time and produce better documents.
Designed specifically for legal professionals, our document 
automation tools transform Microsoft Word
into a precise, easy-to-use application for
 producing accurate, properly formatted
documents that meet firm standards

It’s About Time…

At Infoware we measure our success on our ability to create successful customers.  For us, this means reducing their costs, improving employee productivity, and helping them increase profitability.  We achieve this by providing innovative software solutions that are designed to deliver on one common element – time savings.  Whether it’s reducing the time required to produce legal documents, allowing you more time to focus on your clients, or enabling your staff to make better use of their time, we help make the process of practicing law simple, efficient and profitable.

We’ve been in business for over 30 years and our customers are in over 25 countries worldwide.  We would welcome the opportunity to speak to you about your practice.  Why not now?

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Software tools that dramatically reduce the time
required to create and format high quality legal documents

Trusted by Legal Professionals in Over 25 Countries.

Word LX

Manage and access templates
and speed document creation with
time saving formatting tools.

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Document Assembly Suite

Simplify creation of standard clause
documents such as contracts,
wills and agreements.

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Word RT

Repurpose content, repair
and reformat documents in a
fraction of the time.

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“Improving the efficiency of our staff and maintaining document standards is key to the success and image of our firm. Through their comprehensive features and tools, both Word LX™ and Word RT™ have helped improve our document creation process and delivered significant productivity improvements for our legal staff and our lawyers.”
Nancy Lio, Director of IT, Torkin Manes LLP
“With their deep understanding of the legal sector, Infoware goes well beyond what we would expect from a typical service provider. Their software products help us service our clients more efficiently and their IT professionals keep our firm up and running. Infoware delivers on their promises and we see the value every day.”
Keel Cottrelle, Firm Administrator, Penny Hurst