Legal document assembly made simpler

Built into Microsoft® Word, Word DA™ provides a set of document automation tools that allow you to build, manage and access your content efficiently and easily design intelligent templates enabling you to produce higher quality documents faster and easier.

Improve your work,
one document at a time.

Produce cleaner, more consistent documents with greater ease and efficiency.


  • Save time by reducing and eliminating the re-creation of content.


  • Reduce errors stemming from copying / pasting content from legacy documents in new ones.


  • Eliminate document risk and improve productivity.

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Learn how Word DA™ combined with our Word LX™ solutions, can simplify your entire document workflow and lead to significant time savings.

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Organize your content and build your templates with ease.

  • Build out your clause library with specialized tools through an easy to use interface.
  • Enable dynamic content by applying 
logic to templates and clauses.
  • Add data fields to templates with simple keystrokes to automate the insertion of variable content.

Assemble legal documents quickly and accurately.

  • Quickly select and assign clauses to templates for frequently-produced documents.
  • Enable dynamic content by applying logic to templates and clauses to generate documents faster.
  • Easily access content from one 
managed source.

Key features & benefits

Enables rapid document generation using standard clauses and paragraphs
Creating and managing content is simple for all users
Ensures all documents are consistent in formatting
 and language

An easy to use interface built directly into Microsoft® Word

Outputs a regular,
 editable Word document

Integrates with Word LX to enhance your entire document creation process.

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