Word LX™ Professional ranks #1 in top legal software products of 2017.

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Producing High Quality, Consistently Formatted Legal
Documents Has Never Been Faster or Easier.

Word LX™ Professional lets you quickly build a collection of customized, firm-branded templates and
documents that can be easily accessed and managed through Microsoft Word. Specialized editing tools are
included to simplify document creation and formatting, allowing your firm to drive significant improvements in
quality, accuracy and productivity.

Improve Consistency

Elevate your documents by defining
and implementing brand standards
across all of your firm documents.

Enhance Productivity

Speed up document creation and
editing with features designed
for legal professionals.

Increase Profitability

Achieve tangible results through
enhancing quality and document
workflow efficiencies.

Elia Associates

Word LX Professional provides us with the tools to significantly raise the consistency and quality of our documents as well as improve the efficiency of those responsible for creating them. Firm branded templates can be easily created and accessed and documents are now being numbered and styled consistently by users across our firm. The tools that Word LX™ Professional provides are huge time savers and they make our work lives easier – we love it.


– Franca Russouw, Law Clerk

All the tools you need, in one place, to produce
high quality documents – in less time.

Explore Word LX™ Professional Capabilities

Improve Internal Support and Workflow

  • Save time and improve internal support levels by enabling users to generate
    documents on behalf of multiple authors.
  • Allow users to save “favourite” lists for the authors they commonly
    generate correspondence for.

Generate Documents Faster

  • Quickly access firm-branded templates and other frequently used
    documents directly from the ribbon.
  • Produce new, clean documents with the click of a mouse and eliminate risk from
    re-using files that contain legacy or confidential client information.
  • Switch out letter elements such as authors, date, delivery and handling with the Update Data tool.
  • Edit documents faster and with greater accuracy.

Quickly Produce Clause Documents with Document Assembly Tools

  • Build out your clause library through an easy to use interface.
  • Design templates with logic and intelligence to automate document creation.
  • Easily add data fields to documents to accurately populate variable content.

Learn more about Word DA™ and how it integrates with Word LX™ Professional – Click Here

Integrate Outlook Contact Data

  • Add contact and address information into correspondence documents
    without error.
  • Eliminate switching between applications, copy/pasting, and re-keying data,
    for improved efficiency and time savings.

Implement and Maintain Firm Brand Standards

  • Specially designed tools for styles and formatting ensure firm branding and document standards are maintained.
  • Easily apply firm styles, and access other tools to quickly format legal documents.
  • Use predefined numbering schemes to simplify paragraph numbering.
  • Use pre-defined styles and numbering formats if your firm has no established brand standards.

Simplify Formatting Tasks

  • Specialized editing tools make quick work of common formatting tasks, allowing users to focus more on document content.
  • Insert letterhead, tables and signing lines, watermarks, document IDs, and page numbering with one click.
  • Add data entry prompts throughout a document to improve speed and accuracy when inserting missing and variable content.

Getting started is simple

Create and personalize your templates in minutes with an intuitive and automated wizard.
Add your authors and contacts, and begin creating and formatting high quality documents.

Build and Configure
Your Templates

  • Build your own core templates for correspondence and precedent documents.
  • Define preferred options for delivery, handling, salutations, page numbering and much more.

Personalize Your

  • Include your firm’s logo and customize your letterhead.
  • Define and implement standards for document formatting, styles, and numbering to improve document consistency and accuracy.

Create Authors and
Integrate Contacts

  • Set up author information.
  • Add / edit staff to establish authors for all of your documents.
  • Easily connect your contacts from Outlook for use in correspondence documents.

Start Producing

  • Access templates and precedents quickly from the ribbon.
  • Create clean, consistent documents that meet your firm’s brand standards.
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