Word LX™ Enterprise ranks #10 in top legal software products of 2017.

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Built For Legal Professionals

Word LX™ transforms Microsoft Word into an easy-to-use tool for
managing and accessing templates and precedents and provides time-saving features that
simplify and accelerate document formatting.

Enhance Productivity

Create and access firm-branded documents quickly from within Microsoft Word

Improve Consistency

Define and implement brand standards across all of your firm documents

Increase Profitability

Speed up document formatting with features designed specifically for legal professionals

No more scouring your network for that document you can’t find.

Access and manage templates and precedents with ease and efficiency.

Through the LX New Docs interface, users can quickly access a variety of pre-defined templates that are customized specifically for your firm.

Davies Ward Phillips & Vineberg LLP

Any law firm that wants to improve productivity and accuracy in their document creation process should take a close look at Word LX. For many years, we’ve relied on it for increasing the efficiency of our staff and improving the accuracy of our documents.


– Ivaylo Nikolov, Director, Information Technology

Explore the Word LX™ Enterprise Ribbon

Powerful formatting and editing tools, all in one place, to save
 you time on every document.

Create New, Clean Documents Faster

  • Access templates and precedents from the ribbon through a searchable interface
  • Create new, clean documents and eliminate risk from re-using files that contain confidential client information
  • Enable users to instantly adjust attributes of templates to support multiple locations, languages and authors for improved efficiency and accuracy.

Streamline Print Jobs For Greater Efficiency

  • Generate multiple print jobs from a single document through a simple checklist in the print menu.
  • Automatically route print jobs to specific printers and trays based on paper type, or through “intelligence” that is built into your firm’s customized templates.

Access Contact Data from Multiple Sources for Improved Accuracy

  • Eliminate manual data entry and directly import contact information from Outlook, Time Matters, Interaction and law society websites into any document.
  • Quickly switch out template elements such as an author, location, and letterhead without having to recreate a letter or document.

Style and Number Documents More Quickly and Easily

  • Ensure firm branding and document standards are maintained with styles, numbering and specialized tools.
  • Use pre-defined styles to create consistently formatted documents across your entire firm.
  • Simplify paragraph numbering with defined schemes.

Simplify Formatting and Editing Tasks

  • Insert letterhead, tables and signing lines, watermarks, file name, and much more with ease.
  • Add, re-order and delete appendices, exhibit stamps and schedule quickly and easily.
  • Simplify paragraph numbering with defined schemes.
  • Reduce errors with data prompt tools that flag insertion points for variable content.

Word LX™ is a Life Saver for Law Firms

99.9 % of what you need to produce a legal document is on the Word LX™ ribbon. All the formatting options, signing lines, line spacing, draft stamp, etc, plus many more must-have buttons for producing legal documents in a consistent time efficient manner. I was amazed at how brilliant this toolbar worked when I first began working in the legal field. A must have!

Deborah Hayes, IT Training Coordinator
Lerners LLP

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Olthius Kleer Townshend LLP

For our lawyers and legal staff, Word LX™ Enterprise is a major time saver.
 We see the benefits every day, allowing for increased focus on our clients and other billing opportunities.


– Philip Rouse, Office Manager

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