Microsoft Word is the most commonly used software in law firms for document creation. However, it isn’t always the most user-friendly, especially when it comes to fixing problematic documents or re-purposing content.

When creating legal documents, simple or complex, users often have difficulty maneuvering through Word’s styles and numbering schemes because of how finicky they can be. One incorrect backspace and your whole document can be thrown off.

Instead of calling your help desk or word processing department every time your document doesn’t want to cooperate, consider our Word Renovation Tools™ document repair solution that can fix and reformat problem documents quickly and easily.

Common Document Problems

Styles and numbering schemes are two elements of Microsoft Word that most users don’t fully understand. Generally, people start typing and let Word figure it out. The problem is that without understanding how these features work, not only will mistakes likely be made, but fixing them can cause a lot of issues.

When numbered paragraphs appear out of order, adjusting them by manually changing the numbers seems like the correct move. Under the surface, however, the coding has changed completely. The document looks good until someone else comes into it and starts making changes.

Another problem is copying and pasting content into a document from other sources. Suddenly there are several types of formatting that all look different. Again, manually changing fonts, font sizes, numbers, bullets, etc. may look good on the surface, but the coding is off.

All these document issues can lead to:

a. frustration due to the amount of effort required to fix problematic documents
b. a waste of time since reformatting documents can take up large portions of a user’s day
c. risky formatting because manually changing errors throughout a document can end up leading to more errors

How Word RT™ Can Help

Word RT™ sits within the Microsoft Word ribbon as a tab at the top called “Reno.” It’s a set of tools that transform problematic Word documents and re-purposed content into properly formatted, stable documents free of any document history.

The time it takes to reformat and fix a document is significantly reduced, no matter how many pages it is. This leads to less frustration, time saved and less risky formatting. Some of the Word RT™ tools include Fix Number Font, Remove Last Section and Reflow Paragraph – all are available with the click of a mouse, instead of the typical hours it takes to correct these issues.

Word RT™ helps users with the three R’s:

Reuse existing content to create a new document, preserving rich text, table structures, cross-references, footnotes and endnotes. This allows the user to keep working on a document immediately without having to waste time reformatting.

Repurpose content from other sources, such as pdfs, websites and OCR. You can then quickly apply your firm’s styles and specific formatting.

Repair & Reformat any issues in the document. Identify and resolve common document errors, including all numbering problems, such as typed numbers, broken numbering schemes and inconsistently applied numbering.

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Listen to the Experts

The Word RT™ solution is used in several big law firms. Tracy Fadlallah, the Software Support Specialist and Trainer at Lenczner Slaght, said the following:

“Fixing broken documents can be time-consuming and frustrating. Word RT™ gives our staff the tools they need to properly format problem documents quickly and easily. It’s an extremely cost-effective product that we would not do without.”

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