How the firm of Lenczner Slaght utilized standardization and automation to improve workflow processes.

The firm of Lenczner Slaght has been providing litigation services for over 25 years and is known for its wealth of talent.

They implemented Word LX™ Enterprise (Word LX™ hereafter) a few years ago, so we sat down with Tracy Fadlallah, the firm’s Learning and Development Specialist, to learn how the software has helped her firm.

Fadlallah described two ways the solution has made the firm more consistent and efficient in their document creation processes.

1. Standardized and Customized Styles

An issue Lenczner Slaght wanted to address when deciding to implement Word LX™ was manual formatting. When someone creates a document using specific styles, but then the next person makes edits using different styles, the whole document can become corrupt. Direct formatting can cause a lot of problems and waste a lot of time.

With Word LX™, firms like Lenczner Slaght can customize which styles and schemes they’d like everyone in the firm to use. Then, with these standards in place, everyone has access to the same features and tools for editing. No more manual formatting. Plus, all of the firm’s documents look and feel the same.

Fadlallah said: “Having custom styles and numbering schemes is very important to our firm, but the big benefit of Word LX™ is how simple it makes these types of formatting tasks for the average user.”

2. One-Click Features Saves Time

Fadlallah talked about several Word LX™ tools and the way they have assisted Lenczner Slaght. But she broke all of that down into one point: the features of Word LX™ save everyone time.

Instead of going through Microsoft Word’s nine tabs looking for specific tools, Word LX™ has all the features legal professionals need, and put them all on one ribbon. Less time searching and less time clicking.

“What Infoware has done with Word LX™ is identified so many common pain points associated with creating and formatting legal documents, and developed ways to automate those tasks,” Fadlallah said.

A favorite feature at Lenczner Slaght is the Update Data tool.

If a lawyer or client’s information changes over the course of the case, someone would have to go into each document associated with the case and manually change all the information. With this tool, however, they can just click a few buttons and everything will be updated automatically.

Other one-click features include tables of contents, watermarks, doc IDs, and signing lines. Even applying styles and numbering schemes to an entire document can be done in just a few clicks.


Word LX™ has been a difference maker for Lenczner Slaght in terms of enhancing the quality and consistency of their documents. Taking away the tedious tasks of building documents has allowed everyone to focus on what really matters.

The less time a legal professional can spend formatting documents and the more time they can spend working with clients, the better it is for everyone.

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