Save Time

Style and clean text from web browsers, pdfs,
and other applications quickly and easily.

Reduce Risk

Produce clean, usable documents free of
document history and meta-data.

Alleviate Frustration

Fix inconsistent numbering and direct
formatting in a fraction of the time.

Simplify Your Work

Word RT™ is a collection of tools that can transform problem Word documents and
re-purposed content into properly formatted , stable documents free of any document history.


  • Reuse existing content to create a new document preserving rich text, table structures, cross references, footnotes and endnotes.


  • Repurpose content from other sources such as, pdfs, websites, and OCR.
  • Quickly apply firm styles and formatting.

Repair & Reformat

  • Identify and resolve common numbering issues such as typed numbers, broken numbering schemes and inconsistently applied numbering.

What Clients Say

Fixing broken documents can be time consuming and frustrating. Word RT gives our staff the tools they need to properly format problem documents quickly and easily. It’s an extremely cost-effective product that we would not do without.
Tracy Fadlallah, Software Support Specialist and Trainer, Lenczner Slaght LLP

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