Epinion is a “leading research and insights management solutions company” based in Denmark. They provide analytics and break down complex data to help organizations across various industries, including legal.

One such study they conducted was a Microsoft Office market analysis. This involved 227 interviews with employees at private financial and legal firms. Most legal professionals use Microsoft Office in their everyday work life, so a study of this nature is highly valuable.

Here are three statistics to take away from this study regarding legal professionals and Microsoft Office:

90% of legal professionals use Word every day

This isn’t surprising considering Word is used for legal document creation, and legal professionals are constantly creating and formatting documents. The study also found that 56% of users said they spend over three hours a day in Word. This aligns with a study we conducted with our own clients, who said they spend 4-6 hours per day in Word.

Our white paper explains how our software solutions can help you save around an hour per day using Word. Imagine being able to save up to one-third of the time you spend creating and formatting documents for something else, like other casework or bringing in new business.

63% of those surveyed consider Word to be “crucially important” to their daily work

For some perspective, the next choice of “important” had 19%, so that 63% is a significant number of people. This also means that 82% of the people interviewed selected the top two options. The majority of that group also consisted of more lawyers than those in the financial sector.

What this shows is that legal professionals work in Word all the time and consider it a necessary part of their job.

50% of Word users rely on templates

As well, more than three-quarters of those surveyed said they share Word documents externally with clients or partners.

Templates are a great way to ensure consistency, up-to-date branding, and stable documents. Additionally, template management systems help firms centralize all their documents, maintain version control, and can provide automation features.

So Now What?

These numbers are important because they emphasize that legal professionals all over the world spend a lot of time using Office applications, especially Word.

This isn’t a program you use occasionally for internal use but is a rather a professional legal software that is used all the time and is shared outside of the office. Why wouldn’t you want to enhance that experience, especially if it’ll save you time and money?

Our document automation, template management and document assembly solutions do exactly that. They enhance the user experience of Microsoft Word by providing:

  • Legal-specific formatting tools
  • One-click functionality
  • Consistency across the entire firm (no matter how many offices around the world you have)

They also have integration capabilities with practice management systems, contact management systems, etc.

To see how everything works together to make your workday easier, check out our new product video.

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