In an industry where time is literally money, most legal professionals would benefit from less time spent on the tedious tasks involved in drafting legal correspondence.

Because of this, we teamed up with the legal technology experts at TechnoLawyer to provide an industry analysis of real-world testing between native Word and Word LX™ Enterprise to prove that this is, in fact, possible to do.

Word LX™ is a Microsoft Word add-in that takes all of Word’s legal-specific features and puts them on one tab. So, the objective of the Learnpaper (TechnoLawyer’s new research service) was to find out exactly how much time Word LX™ can save users when drafting legal letters. This means the low-value tasks, like formatting and printing, as opposed to the letter’s actual content.

There were two tests conducted using different scenarios by a Microsoft Office Expert (aka MOE). Here is a summary of the tests.

Test #1: Formatting a Letter

MOE generated a letter, and included elements like a firm logo, author information, file number, signature line, etc. The first scenario used a blank document, the second used a custom template and the third used a Word LX™ automated firm-branded template.

After the three scenarios were completed, MOE saved over 4 minutes using Word LX™, as opposed to a blank document or a custom template.

Test #2: Printing a Letter

MOE then needed to print multiple copies of his completed letter, as well as an envelope label. The first scenario used old-fashioned Windows printing and the second used the Word LX™ feature “MultiPrint.” This is a tool that lets the user print multiple copies of one document simultaneously, such as a File Copy, Address Label, Draft Stamp, etc.

MOE saved about 2 minutes using MultiPrint’s dialog box compared to regular Windows printing.

What These Results Mean for Your Law Firm

The Learnpaper was published last week and the results are staggering. Word LX™ can save a firm more than four workdays per year per user. Those four workdays could instead be spent on other cases, finding new clients, or other tasks earning the firm money.

Keep in mind that those four extra days are saved just when formatting and printing letters. This doesn’t even scratch the surface of other ways Word LX™ can save users time. Our customers have reported an average of 49 minutes saved per day when using our solutions. These time-savings stem from:

  • Legal-specific features like firm-branded numbering schemes, signature lines, and one-click tables of contents.
  • Having all the software’s legal-specific features on one tab, as opposed to searching through all of Word’s nine native tabs.
  • Integration with third-party systems, including accounting, CRMs and document management.

With all of these features included, Word LX™ can save a firm around 25 workdays per year per user. That’s a lot more time for high-value work and finding new clients.

To download a copy of our Learnpaper, click here.

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