No matter what kind of law you practice, how many clients you have, or how many people you work with, the documents you create speak volumes.

Not only would an error-filled document look bad for your firm, but there could be serious legal ramifications for those errors. A well-made document, on the other hand, lets other parties know your firm is professional and organized.

The document creation process can be complicated, but our suite of legal software solutions proves that it doesn’t need to be. It’s compatible with Microsoft Office to make document creation easier and more consistent.

Here are four integral aspects of the document creation process that Infoware simplifies:

1. Integration

Did you know that 90% of legal professionals use Microsoft Word every day? And that more than half of those users are working in Word for more than three hours per day?

The best part of our software suite is that it integrates directly into Microsoft Word – a program legal professionals use daily anyway. The legal-specific tools and features appear on a new tab right at the top. This makes them easy to find, saving valuable time.

This time-saving legal software also offers integration with Outlook, so your contacts are easy to insert into your documents. This is especially handy when you need to update a contact’s info:

  1. Click the Update Data tool to pull up their Outlook information.
  2. Make the necessary changes.
  3. Continue working.

There is also integration available with various document management systems and CRMs.

2. Template Management

When your firm has document templates and a template management system, the process for updating them becomes incredibly easy. One person is assigned the duty of updating the master template and then deploying it to all users.

This is scalable template management. It works with five lawyers in one office or 850 lawyers across 10 offices. It could be for something as significant as a rebrand (for which all documents need adjustments), or it could be one practice area that has a minor change in regulation.

Because the designated administrator owns this process, there’s a reduction in:

  1. The need for IT assistance
  2. Risk factor because only certain people can make changes

3. Assemble Legal Documents

One of the most time-consuming efforts to building a legal document is filling in variable information (e.g. contracts). But with our document assembly software, the process becomes quick and simple.

You can build out your clause library with specialized tools through an easy-to-use interface and by applying logic to templates. The Data Fill tool makes filling in variable content incredibly easy and fast.

4. Higher Quality and Consistency

What this all boils down to is the ability to produce legal documents faster, while maintaining a high level of quality and consistency.

When someone in your firm presents a document with your logo and name on it, it should be error-free and consistently formatted. Our software solutions allow legal professionals to find that balance, while using a program they’re already familiar with.

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