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On September 17, 2018, our Manager of Business Development, Steve Brooks, hosted an ILTA-sponsored webinar. During his presentation, he covered different facets of our solutions and how they can benefit legal professionals.

Here is a summary of his presentation.


Our customers typically experience time savings of 49 minutes per day using Word LX™ Enterprise within Microsoft Word. The number varies depending on the person (legal assistants usually save more), but an average of 49 minutes adds up incredibly quickly.

Each user saves about 25 working days a year, which equals about $9,000 in the value of recovered time. And if your firm has 20 people using Word LX™, that’s an annual savings of $180,000.

On top of saving time and money, our firm-branded document software saves users from the stress and frustration of manually formatting documents.

Legal Features

Microsoft Word wasn’t created for legal professionals, but Word LX™ was. It takes all the native features of Word that are used most often by legal professionals and places them all on one tab. This creates a reduction in the number of clicks, which adds up to plenty of time saved.

The Word LX™ features include legal-specific numbering schemes and styles, table of contents, MultiPrint (one dialog box for all your printing needs), and many more.

Not only are the formatting and editing features designed with legal professionals in mind, but so is the template management system. You can create templates for different document types and organize them by practice area and office location. For example, if your firm has contract lawyers in the US and the UK, they’ll each be able to find the appropriate documents in the appropriate folders, as opposed to scoring the network for the most up-to-date version.

There is also integration with other programs that legal professionals use all the time. The main one is Outlook – you can insert a contact’s information directly into your documents. Word LX™ also integrates with various document management systems and CRMs.

Document Assembly

A solution that works alongside Word LX™ is Word DA™, our Document Assembly software. It has the Data Fill tool, which makes filling in data in firm-branded documents much easier. This also leaves less room for error, such as leaving in old information or forgetting some information.

Word DA™ also has a Clause Library, making the process of building out a document much faster and easier. Instead of copying and pasting from other documents, simply go to the library and choose your clauses.

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You can also check out our own customer reviews and case studies to learn how our solutions have helped other firms improve their document creation and assembly processes.

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