Part two in our Lawyers to Lawyers series

When it comes to template usage, each law firm is different. Some don’t have any, some reuse old documents to create new ones, and some are well-made but not well organized.

Document creation is so frequent that it may seem like too large a task to organize all your law firm templates, especially if you’d like to sort them by practice area. And then if a template needs to be updated, there’s no way of making sure that everyone who uses it will, in fact, make the necessary changes.

Enter Word LX™ and its template management system. These systems store templates in one place for various kinds of document types. This ensures consistency and maintains version control.

Without a template management system, one needs to continuously search the firm’s network for the correct template or reuse an old document. The former could take too long, while the latter leaves a lot of room for error.

Both Word LX™ Professional and Word LX™ Enterprise are template management systems, as well as document creation, formatting and assembly solutions for legal professionals. They enhance Microsoft® Word, a tool you already use daily, in order to maximize your productivity.

Why spend so much of your time searching for templates or reformatting old ones when you can find all the most up-to-date templates in one place on your network? Save time and improve accuracy with Word LX™’s template management solutions.

Legal Pros to Legal Pros: Here’s What Our Clients Are Saying

Deborah Hayes, IT Training Coordinator with Lerners, says:

“If you’d ever only used Word, you’d maybe look through Microsoft’s standard templates and then save them to the system. People don’t have to go there anymore because all of our firm-branded templates are centralized and easily accessible in one-click from within Word LX™.”

Sylvia Sauro, Office Manager at Laishley Reed, says:

“Ease of creating new documents, formatting, reformatting, and templates. An overall increase in productivity!

Tracy Fadlallah, Learning and Development Specialist with Lenczner Slaght, says:

“I had experience building templates from scratch, [but] when I saw the ability to integrate our firm standards … and how everything was centralized on one ribbon, I was sold.”

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