Part one in our Lawyers to Lawyers series

One of the biggest issues plaguing law firms today is a lack of time. When there is a lot of work to do and fewer resources to accomplish that work, it’s easy for details to be forgotten. How do you mesh improved law firm productivity and work quality at once?

Perhaps this scenario sounds familiar:

You’re working on a few documents at once. Suddenly you realize you only have a couple of hours to reformat them in order to send them to your clients. Not only that, but several of the documents still require information to be filled in.

This stressful situation requires time management, efficiency and attention to detail. And while these are traits a legal professional possesses, why not get some help from the software you’re already using – Microsoft® Word.

Word LX Enterprise, Word LX Professional and Word DA are document creation, formatting and assembly solutions built into Microsoft® Word to help legal professionals maximize their productivity by saving time through fewer clicks.

Instead of searching through Word’s tabs for the tools you need, you’ll find them all on one tab for easy functionality. And the Prompt tool can help with filling in information, i.e. names and addresses for a contract.

Our law firm productivity software solutions are used in over 25 countries by thousands of legal professionals. Read on to see what a few of them have to say about our time-saving features.

Legal Pros to Legal Pros: Here’s What Our Clients Are Saying

Tracy Fadlallah, Learning and Development Specialist with Lenczner Slaght, says:

“I absolutely love this program! Word LX takes the functions that are most relevant and useful for legal assistants (and others in the firm, of course) and puts them all together, making them easy to access and use. What can often take lots of clicks with regular Word functionality and time can often be done with one or two clicks.”

Brandon Chatwell, Network Administrator with McLean & Kerr, says:

“It saves time and automates a number of everyday processes.”

Philip Rouse, Office Manager with Olthuis Kleer Townshend, says:

“If you don’t have a product like this, get it. It will make your work life so much better.”

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