Get a Return on Investment When Using Our Legal Document Solutions

In 2016, we surveyed our customers (including lawyers, law clerks and legal assistants) to find out how Word LX™ has improved their document creation and formatting workflows.

The average time our users saved per day when using Word LX™ was 49 minutes. Assuming a 7.5-hour workday, that works out to:

  • Weekly savings of about 4 hours
  • Monthly savings of about 17 hours
  • Annual savings of about 25 days

Let’s take a deeper look at what these numbers can potentially mean for you and your firm.

Breaking Down the Numbers

Word LX™ is a document automation solution that helps legal professionals create legal documents faster and easier in Microsoft® Word. It improves consistency through template management and standardization, as well as providing formatting and editing tools.

Eliminate spending hours reformatting documents, rearranging tables of contents, and figuring out how to adjust a numbering scheme. Instead, use Word LX™’s tools to automate tasks and properly format these documents so that you can go work on something else.

So let’s put this information in real terms in a very simple example:

Your firm has 10 lawyers who each save about 3 hours per week when using Word LX™ and each charge their clients $300/hour. That’s a potential for an extra $900 per lawyer per week, or $36,000 per month total.

Another way to think about these savings is as productivity currency. Those 3 hours a week may not always equal direct billable hours. but they do allow users to service clients more efficiently and accomplish more tasks (see section below for more).

Microsoft® Word was not made for the legal profession, but Word LX™ was. That’s why our solutions are used by thousands in over 25 countries worldwide.

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Get More Done

Those 25 working days saved using Word LX™ present an opportunity to focus on other tasks that our customers didn’t have before.

Lawyers can spend time working on other cases, meeting with clients, networking to get new clients, etc. Legal assistants can help lawyers with other cases, drafting more correspondence, work on other administrative duties, etc.

The “extra” money brought into the firm can be used to hire more staff, additional marketing campaigns, corporate events, etc. The options are endless, and it’s all from a simple solution.

Let prospective clients know that you’ve invested in technology that saves time, improves workflow, creates consistency, and leaves less room for error. This saves you time and saves them money on legal fees. Sounds like a win-win.

ROI Calculator

We created an ROI calculator for firms to be able to check for themselves how much they can potentially save using Word LX™.

Try the ROI calculator for yourself to see the difference that creating automated and more consistent legal documents can have for your bottom line.

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