Webinar Overview

The larger your law firm, the more difficult it is to maintain efficiency, quality and consistency across your document creation processes. Word LX™ answers these challenges with firm branded templates and legal specific document tools that automate formatting and editing tasks, making Microsoft Word a simpler and more efficient tool for legal professionals.

“Word LX™ automates and standardizes our document creation processes allowing us to deliver more efficient service to clients.”
– Lauire Hause, CIO and Director of Marketing, McKenzie Lake Lawyers

Learn how Word LX™ improves Microsoft Word and helps lawyers and legal staff get more done in less time, while improving document quality.

During our webinar we reviewed:

  • How Word LX™ optimizes Microsoft Word through a live product tour
  • Common document workflow pain points and how Word LX™ solves them
  • How legal specific numbering, styles, and editing tools in Word LX™ improve productivity and simplify document creation.
  • The significant benefits law firms have achieved by implementing Word LX™
  • How Word LX™ fits the needs of medium and large sized law firms

Our Presenters

Steve Brooks – Business Development Manager, Infoware
Michael Barrons – VP Marketing & Operations, Infoware

Watch the webinar here.