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You and your team of lawyers are working endless hours to deliver results for your clients. You owe it to yourself and your hard-working team to provide the tools to do their job as efficiently as possible. Infoware’s software is designed to help law firms build better legal documents faster by standardizing, automating and simplifying the process.

To help explain Infoware’s legal software solutions, we put on an ILTA-sponsored (International Legal Technology Association) webinar discussing some challenges law firms are facing, the issues with Word on its own, and results from case studies with current customers.

Challenges and Needs

Every business wants to improve profitability and productivity. For today’s law firms, however, these desires are becoming harder to achieve due to more demanding clients, fiercer competition, and less outsourcing of legal services. The key to navigating these external challenges is by focusing on what can be improved internally.

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We recommend customers begin by balancing all their needs. This means finding a solution that can help solve as many problems as possible for as many people as possible. For example, IT Directors need to optimize their IT spend in order to increase efficiency, while lawyers need to focus on their clients. Since it’s impossible to please everyone, finding a way to enhance efficiency by closing gaps in existing processes is the best method for overcoming those challenges. This is where we come to Microsoft Word.

Microsoft Word’s Downside for Lawyers

Microsoft Word is the most commonly used application for creating documents in the legal industry. However, it was not designed for legal-specific documents. According to a survey we conducted with our customers, they would spend 4-6 hours per day using Word’s 9 tabs to do their work – that’s a lot of time spent inefficiently.

Making Microsoft Word Perform For The Law Industry

What Infoware has done is taken Word’s nine tabs containing all the features and tools legal professionals use and put them onto one tab. This reduces time spent searching for tools, as well as the number of mouse clicks. Not only are the tools easier to find, but the templates being used with those tools are standardized – everyone at the firm will have the same base for document creation.

There is no other solution on the market that provides the equivalent range of tools and features for template automation, contact integration, print management, or document formatting and editing. Plus, it has saved our customers 1-2 hours per user, per day.

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Deborah Hayes, the IT Training Coordinator at Lerners LLP, said: “99% of what you need to produce a legal document is on the Word LX™ ribbon, plus many more must have buttons for producing legal documents in a consistent, time efficient manner.

Customer Experience

Towards the end of the webinar, we displayed some findings from our customer case studies.

Olthius Kleer Townshend LLP

They were looking for…

A centralized system to access templates and precedents for everyone in the firm, as well as consistent documents.


Everyone in the firm uses the application to ensure consistency and ease-of-use. They maintain a 5:1 earner to support staff ratio because of its global usage.

“A lengthy document that takes less than an hour to correctly format using Word LX™, would easily take twice as long without it.”

– Philip Rouse, Office Manager, OKT

Read the Olthius Kleer Townshend Case Study here.

McKenzie Lake

They were looking for...

A solution with advanced tools that would improve consistency and collaboration, automate legal document creation and printing tasks, and enhance their service to clients.


Over 60 forms and precedents are built into Word LX™; routine tasks for creating legal documents are simplified using advanced tools; and collaboration between staff and lawyers has become easier.

“Word LX™ allows us to stay focused on the legal content of our documents – not the mechanics of making a document.”

– Laurie Hause, CIO and Director of Marketing, McKenzie Lake

Read the McKenzie Lake Case Study here.


The point of this webinar was to explain how Infoware’s legal document solutions can take something you already use and make it better. Word was not designed for legal professionals, but Word LX™ is. The proof is in the results seen from our current users.

To watch the webinar, click here.