In order to grow your small or medium-sized law firm, you need to become laser-focused on delivering efficient service to your clients. However, there are many non-law related distractions that can get in the way.

This article highlights the benefits that small and medium-sized law firms can reap by outsourcing their IT support.

How to Know it’s Time to Outsource Your IT Support

If you find yourself asking the following questions, it’s time that you seriously consider outsourcing your IT.

  • Do you spend too much time in meetings regarding IT issues?
  • Are you not seeing any value from your IT investment?
  • Do the lawyers in your firm have difficulties figuring out the new software and technology you have invested in?
  • Are you worried that your sensitive files and information aren’t properly protected?

If your team is spending too much time putting out fires and dealing with IT issues, it may be time to consider outsourcing your IT.

To remain competitive, lawyers need to stay up-to-date with today’s essential law software and technology. However, investing in new legal tech can be overwhelming due to the amount of different software available. With IT support that understands the legal software market, the research and integration processes can be a lot smoother.

The Dangers of Designating Your Lawyers to IT

Many law offices don’t have the necessary supports in place when it comes to IT support. Whether it’s a lawyer or an office manager in charge of IT, problems may arise when there is a tech issue and that person is away or in court.

By adding IT support to a lawyer or administrator’s duties, not only could problems arise like the one mentioned above, but it takes away from that person’s ability to do their own job. Lawyers shouldn’t have to worry about firewall issues, but rather focus on their clients and cases.

This is magnified when it comes to network security. In 2017, a new strain of Ransomware called “WannyCry” locked a Rhode Island Law firm out of their computers for months. Instead of staying up at night wondering if your sensitive files are vulnerable to attack, you can rest assured that your outside IT support is protecting all of that information.

Outsourcing = Serious Time and Cost Savings

The hours it would take someone to research an IT issue and find a solution could be done in a fraction of the time of an IT professional. When the level of difficulty gets too high for the employee, they will likely end up calling for outside support at the end of the day anyway. This time would obviously have been better spent practicing law.

Staying on top of the latest technology standards, cyber security risks, and software applications for law firms is a full-time job. Larger firms will have the resources to hire a full-time employee whose sole purpose is handling IT. In smaller firms, there is simply not enough need or budget for full-time IT support. Outsourcing these problems will unlock the professional support you need, at a fraction of the cost.

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IT Support Specifically for Law Firms

It’s important when hiring a team of outside IT professionals that they have a wealth of experience tackling the issues that face small to medium-sized law firms. The best IT support will be able to adapt to your law firm’s needs, be proficient enough to address those needs, remain cost-effective, and scale to protect your firm as you grow.

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