Infoware Releases Enhanced Version of Word Renovation Tools (Word RT) Software

Word RT reduces time and frustration in repairing problem documents

TORONTO, June 24, 2015 – Infoware Development Inc. (, a trusted provider of Microsoft Word add-in tools, today released an enhanced version of its Word Renovation Tools (Word RT) solution. The newly enhanced version includes improvements to Word RT’s automatic pattern recognition and mapping capabilities while maintaining its ease of use. New tools are available for Word power users who now have better control of the renovation process.

Word RT is designed to take legacy or problem Word documents and produce clean usable documents, free from meta-data and document history. With easy-to-use tools, users can fix issues related to direct formatting, non-firm standards or legacy code, and use firm standards and styles or out-of-the-box Word RT styles. Integrated with Microsoft Word’s ribbon interface, Word RT’s suite of tools have different levels of renovation capabilities, ranging from a series of quick repairs to a full document renovation.

In addition to preserving cross-references, the enhanced version of Word RT recreates footnotes and endnotes and takes the renovation process to the next level. New configuration options for processing Table of Contents, Text Box objects, Section Breaks, and Headers and Footers provide greater control over the resulting renovated document.

“We’re very excited to release Word RT Version 2.0,” said Grant Bowles, Senior Product Development and Support Manager. “Our main goal for this release was to respond to customer feedback and include new enhancement features that alleviate common issues related to scanned documents and documents converted from PDF.”

Enhancements include:

  • The ability to automatically recreate footnotes and endnotes in the renovated document
  • An enhanced mapping dialog that has new tabs to display mapped Heading and Paragraph styles and other options automatically
  • Functionality to change automatic mappings for Heading and Paragraph styles
  • Improved support for various numbering schemes
  • Easy management of an organization’s custom configuration for templates, numbering and styles
  • New configuration options for handling Table of Contents, Text Box objects and Section Breaks along with their Headers and Footers
  • New options for displaying and mapping with Microsoft built-in heading styles
  • The Locate in Document feature on the Map Styles dialog works with the Numbering Tab and now the new Headings/Paragraphs tab to locate the next paragraph in the list with the same numbering style or paragraph properties
  • Optimization of the document processing algorithm and improvement in overall performance
  • Multiple stability enhancements

“Word RT was developed and released in 2014 in response to a market need for an easy and cost-effective tool to repair damaged or broken documents,” said Alan Dingle, Infoware’s President. “Since the initial release, we have received considerable positive feedback from customers, some of which has shaped the enhancements contained in this version.”

To learn more about Word RT and other document production software, please visit the Infoware website or email Alan Dingle at


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