Infoware Launches New Training Program for Law Firms

Training Sessions Improve Firm Efficiency and Productivity

TORONTO, March 10, 2015 – Infoware Canada Inc. (, one of Canada’s largest providers of specialized application training services to law firms in Canada, announced today the launch of its new “Lunch and Learn” training program tailored to improve staff skills and improve firm efficiency and productivity.


The new “Lunch and Learn” series of specialized training sessions is designed to ensure law firm staff are well trained and efficient on the software applications they use every day.  Law firm clients have increasingly sophisticated needs and firms are required more than ever to harness the full power of the software investments they have made to meet their client’s needs.  The new training program allows firms to better design a skills development program for staff that meets their specific needs by allowing them to focus on training on those applications used most often at their firm.


“Staff availability and time are limited for legal professionals,” said Alan Dingle, Infoware’s President, “so developing a program that focuses on group training, productivity improvement and advancing a firm’s professional and skills development initiatives in 1 ½ hour sessions just  makes sense.”

“Legal professionals depend on Microsoft Office and other applications to do their job,” says Becky Carbray, Infoware’s Director of Training Services.  “We’ve developed twelve courses that have been specifically designed to meet the needs of all law firm staff.  Our goal is to give law firms convenient options for training their employees and to assist them with their internal professional development or skills training programs.”


Firms can purchase one course or bundle several courses and schedule them over the course of a year.  More than a dozen courses are currently available and new ones will be added in the coming months.


To learn more about the full range of training services provided by Infoware as well as the new “Lunch and Learn” program, including a list of the sessions currently available, please visit the Infoware website ( or email Becky Carbray at


About Infoware

For more than 30 years Infoware has specialized in Microsoft Office automation, helping law firms and other organizations leverage their technology investment. With more than 20,000 users, from sole practitioners to international firms, Infoware has developed world-class expertise in Microsoft Word customization, template-development and document standards for law firms and other professional organizations. Word add-in solutions include Legal Extensions for Microsoft Word (Word LX), InForm automated court forms, and Word Renovation Tools (RT). Infoware is one of Canada’s largest companies providing specialized training and support services to the legal market since 1995. Infoware’s training experts teach legal professionals how to harness the technologies available to them today to improve efficiency and firm productivity.



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