We are very pleased to announce that Word LX™ Professional, our legal document automation, and creator solution is currently ranked number one in the TL NewsWire Top 25 Hottest Legal Products of 2017.  TL NewsWire is an email newsletter published by TechnoLawyer, a highly regarded online resource that covers a wide range of topics and trends in legal technology and practice management.  TL NewsWire provides frequent reviews of new technology products that serve the legal industry and each year they present the Top 25 Products of the Year Awards which are determined from feedback by their over 13,000 subscribers.

Read the TL NewsWire review of Word LX Professional: Word LX Professional Automates Document Creation and Reinforces Firm-Wide Rules

“The Top 25 Products of the Year contest still has 6 months to go but we are very pleased and honored to be part of this select group of software vendors that is committed to developing solutions that help law firms improve efficiencies”, said Dan Sharp, CEO of Infoware.

What is Word LX™ Professional?

Designed for small to mid-size law firms, Word LX™ Professional was launched in November of 2016, and provides users with a customized ribbon in Microsoft Word that is loaded with legal specific editing and formatting tools that simplify and accelerate legal document automation, creation and formatting tasks.

Word LX™ Professional extends the functionality of Microsoft Word with numbering and styles tools and other features that are customized for legal and are easy to use.  The application also includes a template design tool to quickly create firm branded templates for correspondence and precedents allowing firms to easily produce consistent and professional looking documents.  For law firms looking for tools that can improve productivity, enhance document quality, and that can be implemented quickly, Word LX Professional is the perfect solution.

Read the Word LX Professional press release: Infoware Releases New Edition of its Word LX™ Legal Document Software for Small and Medium-sized Law Firms

The TL NewsWire Top 25 Hottest Legal Products of 2017… So Far

In the first half of 2017, there are a wide range of technology trends represented by the top 25 products which include: document drafting tools, practice management solutions, data analysis and visualization for legal research platforms, integration tools for leveraging and external knowledge and resources, as well as applications that extend functionality in Word and Outlook.  See below for a glance at the products that are currently ranked in the Top 15.  To learn more subscribe to TL NewsWire.

legal document creator list

About Infoware

Infoware offers a comprehensive line of legal document software solutions for Microsoft Word that integrates with practice management and document management systems enabling customers to enhance the quality, and accuracy of their documents while improving productivity.

Infoware’s legal solution software suite includes, Word LX™, a legal template management and document automation and creation platform, Word DA™, an easy-to-use application for document assembly, and Word RT™, a toolset for repairing and renovating problem Word documents.

Visit the Infoware website to learn more or to schedule a free demo of our suite of legal solution software.