At Infoware, our focus is on helping our customers do more by simplifying their work and ensuring customers are getting the most from our legal solution software is of critical importance to us. Like most people, our customers are extremely busy and finding the time to schedule formal product training is not always possible.  

Introducing “Knowledge Bites”

As a result, we are launching “Knowledge Bites” a free customer webinar series designed to enhance our client’s knowledge and expertise with our legal document automation solutions.  During these 30 minute monthly webinars, we will also be sharing best practices with the focus on helping participants build better quality legal documents in less time.  

Each monthly “Knowledge Bites” webinar will showcase different features of our products and how they simplify legal document creation and formatting tasks as well provide other tips and tricks in Microsoft Office applications to maximize document creation efficiency.

“We are excited to launch this webinar series to our help our clients become even more successful and also gather feedback on how users are interacting with our products.” said Dan Sharp, President & CEO at Infoware.  

Our first webinar, presented by Kathy Mergulhao, Manager Customer Success, kicks off this April and focuses on how to leverage the Styles feature in Word LX™ to efficiently format and structure a legal document. “The goal of these sessions is to provide our user base with a forum to reinforce and refresh their knowledge base with our tools and product features, which is vital to ensuring customers realize the full value of our applications across their organization”, says Mergulhao.

Infoware’s Legal Solution Software

Infoware offers a comprehensive line of legal document software solutions for Microsoft Word that integrates with practice management and document management systems enabling customers to enhance the quality, and accuracy of their documents while improving productivity. “The features in our applications are designed to simplify the most common, tedious and repetitive document formatting tasks that legal professionals face on a daily basis.  Clients typically experience that over time the efficiency gains our solutions deliver translate into dramatic time savings.”, says, Sharp.  

Infoware’s legal solution software suite includes, Word LX™, a legal template management and document creation platform, Word DA™, an easy-to-use application for document assembly, Word RT™, a toolset for repairing and renovating problem Word documents, and inFORM™, a court form automation tool.  

Visit the Infoware website to learn more or to schedule a free demo of our suite of legal solution software.