We would like to thank you for stopping by the Infoware booth last week at the ABA TECHSHOW. The ABA TECHSHOW continues to be one of the premier events for showcasing innovation in the field of legal technology and this year was no exception.  

We hope you had a great time in Chicago and were able to discover and learn about the many new and exciting technologies that are transforming the legal profession. We were extremely happy with the interest level we received at our booth along with the opportunities to network with other exhibitors.

If you wanted a refresher, missed the opportunity to stop by our booth, or you were one of the unlucky few whose flight to Chicago was cancelled due to the giant snowstorm in the northeast, here is a summary of our legal software products we were demonstrating at the show:

Word LX™ Professional

A legal template management system enabling small-to-mid-sized law firms to quickly create customized, firm-branded templates and provides special features that enhance document quality, and accuracy. Learn More about Word LX ™ Professional here.

Word LX™ Enterprise

A powerful document creation platform that combines template management, and document formatting, and editing capabilities with the flexibility to meet the unique and customized document workflow processes of medium to large-sized law firms. Learn More about Word LX™ Enterprise here.

Word DA™

An easy-to-use and feature-rich document assembly tool that simplifies the creation of standard clause documents.  Learn More about Word DA™ here.

Word RT™

A collection of tools that can transform re-purposed content and problem Microsoft™ Word documents into properly formatted, stable documents free of any document history.  Learn More about Word RT™ here.

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