What would you do if you could start over again? When asked this question, attorneys generally have similar answers. Some would be more organized and some would invest more in professional legal software programs to reduce documentation errors and streamline efficiency.

Many lawyers say that they became so focused on following a by-the-book process, that they lost out on building a personal touch with their clients.

If you could envision a better law office, what would you change?

If your thinking is in-line with improving organization, proficiency, and enhancing customer relationships, then continue reading for some simple, but very practical advice!

Update the organization and proficiency of your office using modern technology.

A well-organized work space is the foundation for a successful law office, but let’s face it, we could all use a little extra help dealing with mounds of papers, clients, and daily goings-on in a busy law office. If you don’t feel quite up to the task, here a few simple things you can do to your momentum going:

Contact organization.

One of the biggest time-sinks legal professionals deal with is searching for client information. Having your client and contact information organized and readily accessible will save you a lot of time, and makes your office more professional compared to those who fumble around the office when a client walks through the door. There are a variety of great software solutions that will store all your information securely, allowing for real-time updates and instant access 24/7 from any authorized location.

Anytime billing.

How would you like to enter billable time anytime, anywhere? Instead of waiting until you return to the office to log your time, consider cloud-based billing. Other, premise-based billing methods lead to lost time and money.

Legal document and file management.

Lost or misplaced documents is a big problem, but one that can be easily irradiated. One solution is to consider a digital data management system, so all your important files are secure from theft, misplacement, or natural disaster. Another great way to organize your files is using legal document software for word to create custom templates for fast, error-free documentation and correspondence.

Build better client relationships by shifting your focus to what’s most important – the client.

It’s easy for law firms to focus too heavily on the outcome of the work they do rather than on the client themselves. While it’s important to be goal-oriented, forgetting that you’re dealing with people, not just problems, can cost you valuable client relationships. To build your loyal customer base, there are some simple things you can do.

Know your client.

The best way to have a successful client relationship is to show them that you care about who they are as an individual. When gathering information about their legal needs, try to establish a genuine connection by adding some light, small-talk to the conversation. Though simple, making your client feel comfortable and valued will not only improve the reputation of your legal practice, it will make your job a lot easier too.

Keep your client informed.

One of the biggest complaints that clients of law practices have is feeling like they are kept out-of-the-loop. Legal issues are stressful, and a simple update can go a long way towards offering peace of mind while showing your client that you’re serving them diligently.

Build trust with quality service.

When someone hires an attorney, they expect a certain level of professionalism. One of the best ways to build solid client relationships is by showing them that you have what it takes to solve their legal matter as efficiently as possible. This also goes back to organization. Ensuring your client’s information is easily accessed and their documents are created using quality and uniform legal documentation templates.

Improve your law office with today’s law practice management software today.

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