If you work in a law office, then you’re well aware of how chaotic a typical work day can be. There are countless phone calls and meetings, research, reviewing case files, court appearances, and documentation.

Never. Ending. Documentation.

So, what can you do to make things a little smoother around the office? If you’re like many, you might fall into a dangerous habit – reusing legal documents. Though it might seem like a smart idea, taking existing documents, changing the information, and saving them as new for a different client can cause you some serious problems.

Here are some of the many reasons you should never reuse your legal documents:

1. Violation of Client Confidentiality

As you likely know, client confidentiality is no joke. Violations can lead to malpractice suits, and no one wants that. What you might not realize, is that deleting areas of your document and then reusing it for a different client can leave behind bits of information, called metadata. Sensitive – and confidential – client information could be lurking within reused documents, posing a potential security threat for your clients and your legal practice.

2. Damaged Reputation

You might question, what are the odds that someone will access confidential information through metadata? Well, higher than you might think – but, an even more common problem that arises when you reuse legal documents is human error. No matter how careful you are, you’re bound to make a mistake, which can lead to serious document errors. Few things are more unprofessional and damaging to your reputation than having the wrong information within your legal documents, especially when that information pertains to the wrong client.

3. Lost Time and Money

Documentation errors do more than harm your reputation, they cost you time and money. The irony of trying to save time by reusing legal documents just to find yourself correcting errors is not a lesson you want to learn the hard way. Who wants to call up a client and ask them to come in and re-sign an important document because of a simple mistake? Or worse yet, find yourself battling a costly claim because of leaked private information. There is a better way.

Reliable Legal Template Software Offers Practical Solutions

Clearly reusing legal documents isn’t a risk worth taking. Thankfully, there is a solution – customized, firm-branded legal documentation templates by Word LX™ legal template software. At Infoware, we’ve designed an innovative software solution that takes the hassle out of daily legal documentation, securely and affordably. Our industry-revolutionizing legal template software offers:

  • Safe legal documentation made easy. Create your own custom templates that are suited to the unique needs of your legal practice. Templates can be reused with ease, without risking leaked client information.
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  • Enhanced productivity and profit. Rather than creating all of your legal documents from scratch, our legal template software allows you to complete your documents quickly and with far less error.

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