We are very excited to announce the launch of our redesigned website and new branding.  The goal of this project was to enhance the visitor experience on our site, and better communicate who we are and how our products and services help our customers.  Our website address has also been changed – we are now located at www.infowaregroup.com

We have also refreshed our look and feel with an updated company logo and new product logos for our suite of legal document automation software products – Word LX™, Word DA™, and Word RT™.

Our new website includes improved navigation and provides drop-down menus that support access for both mobile devices and desktop computing.  We’ve also launched a blog where we will be sharing information related to our subject matter expertise and publishing relevant company information and announcements on a regular basis.  

During the planning phase of this project, we spent a lot of time speaking with and surveying our customers to gain better insights into the value they receive from Infoware.  “The feedback we received from customers was extremely valuable in re-crafting our messaging and enhancing the value propositions for our solutions and we are grateful to our customers for offering their generous support and time with this initiative”; said Dan Sharp, CEO at Infoware.

Our software product pages have been redesigned with improved visualizations of our products and videos are being planned to support both product demonstration and training initiatives.   

Our new site also includes integrated social media buttons for Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook to support greater interaction and communication with customers so feel free to follow us!

We invite you to explore the redesigned site and hope you like our new look and feel. If you have any questions or comments about our site, or legal document management products, feel free to contact us today.